Notary acts

In accordance with art. 44 of the Consular Statute of the Republic of Azerbaijan the consular division of the Embassy  is authorized to make the following notary acts:

1. certify the contracts (contracts, wills, powers of Attorney, etc.) except contracts for the sale of property situated in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan ;

2. shall take measures for the protection of the estate;

3. issue certificates of inheritance;

4. issue certificates of title to share in the common property of the spouses;

5. certify the authenticity of the copies of the documents and extracts from them;

6. certify the authenticity of the signature on documents;

7. certify the accuracy of the translation of documents from one language to another;

8. certify the fact of a citizen being alive;

9. certify the fact of a citizen being in a certain place;

10. verify the identity of the citizen with the person depicted on the photos;

11. verify the time of presentation of documents;

12. receive the money to the deposit;

13. make executive writing;

14. take the documents for storage;

15. provide evidence;

16. make sea protests.

 The Consul may perform other notary actions provided for by the legislation of Azerbaijan Republic.

For notarial actions consulates of the Azerbaijan Republic charged the consular fee, as determined by the relevant legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.

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