Embassy of Azerbaijan participated in charity fair in Beijing.

A fair initiated by the spouse of Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, Qian Wei titled “Love knows no borders” was organized in Beijing. Embassy of Azerbaijan in Beijing also participated in the event.

Items representing our culture, as well as, carpets, traditional costumes and different souvenirs were demonstrated at the pavilion set by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Beijing. Also, pearls of our traditional cuisine, such as: plov, dolma, kabab, kuku, mangal salad, pakhlava and shekerbura, as well as, agricultural products under the brand of “Made in Azerbaijan”, including wines, cognac, fruit juices and jams, also, caps, t-shirts, scarves, handbags, aragchin and kalaghayi were demonstrated and sold at the fair.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi and his spouse Qian Wei visited the Azerbaijani booth. Ambassador Akram Zeynalli demonstrated and provided information on the items of historic and cultural significance, also presented food products, souvenirs and other products produced in Azerbaijan. Wang Yi and his spouse tasted Azerbaijani wine, juice and pakhlava.

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