The Azerbaijani pavilion has attracted great interest in the charity fair in Beijing

The 10th "Love Knows No Borders" International Charity Sale was held in Beijing on october 21, 2018  with the theme of "Hear Love of the World". 

The exhibits and dishes presented at the Azerbaijani pavilion at the traditional charity exhibition have caused great interest.

Various exhibits of Azerbaijani culture including samples of clothes, souvenirs and handicrafts have been demonstrated at the large pavilion prepared by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in China. The samples of knitting patterns reflecting the symbols belonging to Azerbaijan were presented at the fair. Plov, dolma, kebab, kuku, barbecue salad, poodle, baklava and shakarbura, wine and cognac, compote, jam, tea were sold for the national cuisine. Beijing residents have shown great interest in the products sold in the Azerbaijani pavilion, especially the dishes of our national cuisine and Azerbaijani pomegranates.

Officials from different Chinese government agencies who visited the fair visited the Azerbaijani pavilion and got acquainted with the products presented here.

The event organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and the Foundation for Poverty Alleviation aims to provide financial support for the sale of souvenirs, kitchen samples, products and goods from different cultures related to humanitarian projects in China.

At the fair, which was visited by more than 15,000 people during the day, the funds collected were moved to support the implementation of charity projects. The organizers thanked the Azerbaijani Embassy for active participation in the event.

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