Azerbaijan, with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, presented at a charity fair in Beijing

With the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the organization of the Embassy of Azerbaijan, our country was represented at a traditional charity fair held in Beijing called “Love knows no borders”.

The purpose of the event, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and the Anti-Poverty Fund, was to provide material support to humanitarian projects in China by channeling funds received from the sale of souvenirs, samples of cuisine, products and goods belonging to the national cultures of various countries.

At the exhibition-fair, organized by the initiative of a member of the State Council of China, wife of Foreign Minister Wang Yi Chian Wei, pavilions of about 100 countries and international organizations functioned.

In the vast pavilion, prepared by the embassy of our country in China with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, various exhibits were shown, including clothing samples, souvenirs, handmade products related to Azerbaijani culture.  In the Azerbaijani pavilion, which was one of the largest at the fair, sports t-shirts, scarves, bags, skullcaps, caps, kelagai were displayed for sale, which reflected the symbols of our country, dishes of national cuisine - pilaf, dolma, kebab, kyukyu, salad  Mangal, gutab, baklava and shekbura, agricultural products produced under the Made in Azerbaijan brand, as well as wines and cognacs, compotes, preserves, dried fruits, honey, tea, pomegranates and quinces.

In addition, the honored artist Shahriyar Imanov and his group performed Azerbaijani folk and original songs, excerpts from the works of European composers, as well as members of the dance group presented our national dances.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his wife got acquainted with the Azerbaijani pavilion, watched our national dances.  Chian Wei joined the Yalla dance.

Minister Wang Yi tasted Azerbaijani wine.  He expressed gratitude to the Azerbaijani side for active participation in the charity event.

During the day, Beijing residents and fair participants showed great interest in the products offered for sale in the Azerbaijan pavilion, especially in the national cuisine and Azerbaijani pomegranate.

The concert program performed by our artists was of particular interest to the participants of the fair.  It is no coincidence that visitors to the fair for several hours gathered around Azerbaijani musicians, listened to their performances, even danced, joining our dancer.

The funds collected at the fair, which was attended by about 15 thousand people, were transferred to a fund created to support the implementation of charity projects.

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