The Executive Power of Sumgait city sent humanitarian aid/medical supplies to China to assist in prevention and control measures taken to combat coronavirus.

Taking into consideration of friendly and partnership relations between the Azerbaijani city of Sumgait and the Chinese cities of Mianyang and Xi’an, the Executive Power of the Sumgait city sent medical supplies to the above-mentioned Chinese cities in order to provide assistance to China in fight against the epidemic.

The medical supplies sent by the Executive Power of the Sumgait city to Mianyang city consisted of 100,000 medical protective caps, 40,000 medical masks, 100,000 pairs of bio-clean medical gloves, 100,000 milliliters of medical alcohol, 100,000 shoe covers, 5 kg chloramine disinfection powder and 1850 pcs. of chlorine ammonia tablet, while the medical supplies to Xi’an city included 40,000 medical masks, 50,000 pairs of bio-clean medical gloves and 4 tons of medical alcohol.

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